Resurrection Plant

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How to Make It Come Back to Life

Resurrection plants can tolerate severe dehydration.

They "come back to life" when they come in contact with moisture.

The True Rose of Jericho and the False Rose of Jericho are two resurrection plants that are commonly mistaken for each other.

Today you'll be learning about the False Rose of Jericho!

Bright, indirect light when your Resurrection Plant is out of dormancy.



Place it on a tray of pebbles in distilled water or rainwater and watch it open up over the next few hours!

Don't leave them to soak permanently because they can still rot...



So allow them to dry out completely every now and then.


None required! It is a type of spikemoss and does not need to  be rooted.


Once your Resurrection Plant totally dries out, it will curl up into a ball and go dormant.


During this time, it requires no light or water. Just keep it somewhere safe until you're ready to resurrect it again!

Resurrection Plants are tough, but they can still die...


Irregular periods of drought, drastic temperature changes, and rot are a few things that can kill this plant.

Resurrection Plant

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While your plant is still dormant, use clean, sharp scissors or a knife to cut off a few healthy stems.


Put the stems in a tray of pebbles with distilled water or rainwater (like how you'd water a mature plant).



That's it! Within a week or so, you should start to see new growth on the stems.

Resurrection Plant

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