Pink Princess Philodendron

Learn how to easily care for and propagate the stunning Pink Princess Philodendron!

It's easy to see why it's called the Pink Princess—because of its stunning, bright pink variegation!

How much light does the Pink Princess Philodendron need?

Provide it with bright and indirect light to keep its foliage bright and beautiful!

When should you water the Pink Princess Philodendron?

When the top inch of the soil is dry. Don't let it totally dry out.

What kind of potting mix does Pink Princess Philodendron need?

A well-draining potting mix. You can add some perlite to help with drainage.

Does Pink Princess Philodendron like humidity?

Yes! They prefer higher humidity. Using a humidifier is an easy way to do this.

Fun fact!

Leaves that lack any green lack chlorophyll, so you don't want a leaf that's completely pink!

Now, learn Pink Princess Philodendron propagation tips!

Snip off a cutting with at least one healthy leaf.

Snip BELOW the node, because the node is where new roots will sprout from.

Fun fact!

You can also propagate a cutting with no leaf and just a node, but it's easier and fast to include a leaf.

Stick the cutting into moistened potting mix with the node buried.

Make sure the leaves aren't buried.

Keep the cutting in bright, indirect light.

Keep the potting mix moist

Additional humidity will help, too!

After about a month, give the cutting a gentle tug...

...If you feel resistance, roots have developed!

That's It! Pretty simple, right?

Get even more of my must-have Pink Princess Philodendron care and propagation tips!