Begonia Maculata

An Easy Care Guide

Plus, How to Propagate It, Step by Step!

Begonia Maculata is also known as the Polka Dot Begonia because of its silver-white polka-dotted leaves.

Provide your Begonia Maculata with bright, indirect light.


Direct light will hurt the leaves but too little light will cause poor growth.

Water when the potting mix is dry a half-inch to an inch down.


The potting mix should stay moist, but not wet.

Begonia Maculata's leaves are sensitive to getting wet, so don't pour the water over the leaves!


Use a humidifier to recreate the humid, tropical environment Begonia Maculata is native to. It will thrive in high humidity!


This Begonia doesn't require a complicated mix.


Use a general indoor plant potting mix and add some perlite for extra drainage.

If your Begonia Maculata is tall, give it a trellis to support it and prevent it from falling over.


HOW TO EASILY Propagate Begonia Maculata

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Use a pair of clean, sharp scissors to take a cutting from your plant that has at least one node and one leaf.


Put the cutting in a jar of water.


 The leaves should be above the water. If they are left to sit in water, they can rot.

Keep the cutting in bright, indirect light.


Change the water when it looks murky, and top off the water level when needed.

When you see that the roots are 2 to 3 inches long, you can pot up your new plant into some potting mix.


Water your new Begonia Maculata and give it some time to adjust before it starts growing again.


that's it!

Normally, new roots sprout from a plant's nodes.

On the Polka Dot Begonia, the new roots will also grow anywhere on the stem!

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Begonia Maculata

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