Anthurium Crystallinum

Learn how to easily care for this stunning Anthurium. Plus, a step-by-step guide for easy propagation!

Anthurium Crystallinum is also known as the Crystal Anthurium or Crystal Laceleaf. It's a stunning anthurium well deserving of a beautiful name!

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How much light does Anthurium Crystallinum need?

Give this plant bright, indirect light and it will love you for it!

Watering tip!

This anthurium likes to remain moist, but not wet.

Use your finger to feel the soil, and water when the top inch or so is dry.

Potting Mix

Use a well-draining, loose potting mix that still holds some moisture.

Add perlite and orchid bark to indoor plant potting mix to achieve this.

Does Anthurium Crystallinum need humidity?

Yes. Native to humid environments of Central and South America, it will appreciate it!

Using a humidifier is an easy way to accomplish this.

When should you repot this plant?

Repot the Crystallinum when it becomes rootbound. It's a slow grower, so you won't need to worry about doing this every year!

You can propagate a mature Anthurium quickly through division—dividing a large plant into multiple smaller plants.

Now, learn Anthurium Crystallinum propagation!



You can propagate your Anthurium Crystallinum by using a stem cutting!

1. Identify a healthy stem and leaf and use a clean, sharp knife to cut off the stem below its node

2. Now, put your cutting into moistened potting mix or sphagnum moss.

Tip: "Below" a node means the node should be ON the part you cut off the plant.

3. Keep the cutting in bright, indirect light

and keep the potting medium moist and the humidity high

4. After a few weeks, give your cutting a gentle tug to check for resistance.

If you feel resistance, that means a root system has developed!

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